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Aiman Najjar


Aiman Najjar
Orlando United States
Professional Status
About Me
DevOps Consultant who works on full-stack freelance projects in his leisure time.

My main areas of interest are large-scale cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, infrastructure as code and modern DevOps practices.
Co-founded HurraCloud - An open-source Golang application. The project is still work in progress but the source code can be viewed here: We hope to build 1) a device – let’s call it the HurraCloud device – consisting of both hardware and open-source operating system / software, 2) a mobile app (for iOS and Android) which you can use to integrate your mobile phone with the device, 3) develop and integrate open-source apps (installable via an app store) to provide useful features and 4) an open-source decentralized peer-to-peer communication network to be used as backend and communication means for various networking features
  • Completely built from scratch
  • Complex, multilingual real estates website
  • Full Stack: PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, MySQL, Sonata bundles, Bootstrap, Gulp, Javascript, jQuery, SASS, Compass
  • Localized in three languages: Arabic, English and Turkish
Creation date
01 Aug 2015
  • Built it entirely myself for an advanced Master's course in Search Engine Technology (Columbia University)
  • This is a complete search engine implementation written in Python with high-performance indexer
  • Interactive query CLI that highlights results and fragments matches
  • Supports partial searching
  • Try it yourself! Source code is open and documented at (very easy to set up and try):
Creation date
01 Oct 2012
Used Google App Engine and Python
Creation date
12 Dec 2011
  • Co-built it for advanced Master's course in Information Retrieval in Columbia University
  • Implements Rocchio Query Expansion - similar to related searches: found at popular search engines but based on relevant documents selected by the end-user
  • Try it yourself! Source code is available at (very easy to set up and try):
Creation date
01 Oct 2012
  • Co-created Sketch Online, a multiplayer word guessing real-time game, that provides various social features in addition to playing in real-time such as: instant messaging, friending, private messaging.
  • I create the iOS version, it's no longer maintained however due to the required maintenance and free time needed to maintain real-time serves (project was done on the side in addition to full-time employment).
  • Android version still maintained by the co-creator
Creation date
01 Jan 2010
  • Started freelancing for web development during junior year in college and continued throughout school
  • International clients from Europe, North America and Asia
  • Completed 16 projects on maintaining an excellent 5.0/5.0 rating with very positive reviews and feedback on all projects
  • Technologies and problems varied greatly from project to project
  • Delivered constantly on time with 60% repeat hire.
  • Screenshot above is just a section, more reviews available at
Creation date
01 Jun 2008